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MADISON, Wis. (AP) — When Madison barber and business owner Brian Britt, 42, stepped up to a folding table in the entryway of the Urban League of Greater Madison, he had a single goal in his mind: Wipe from his record the decades-old criminal convictions he says are holding him back. In 2000, at age 22, Britt was convicted of marijuana possession with intent to deliver as a repeat offense and a gun charge. He served five years in prison. Nineteen years later, he is hoping to make those convictions less public. It is the next step in an ongoing process, he said, which includes paying back child support. "(I'm) cleaning my background up so I can get a better life," he said, "so things don't stagnate me like they used to." It is a goal shared by the roughly 20 people who attended the Urban League expungement clinic on May 4 to view their own criminal records, learn what they might be able to remove and get advice about how to talk with employers about what they cannot. An estimated 1.4 million Wisconsinites have criminal records, according to a report by the Wisconsin Policy Forum. Studies show arrest and conviction records have lingering effects, making it harder for individuals to succeed as law-abiding citizens. Gov. Tony Evers has proposed expungement of low-level marijuana convictions. And a bipartisan group of lawmakers has proposed expanding Wisconsin's restrictive expungement law, which requires that expungement must be requested at sentencing and is only available for crimes committed before the age of 25. The law also allows only non-violent, low-level felonies or misdemeanors to be wiped from a person's publicly available record. ___ The nonprofit news outlet Wisconsin Watch provided this article to The Associated Press through a collaboration with Institute for Nonprofit News. ___ In the past four years, at least 10 states have enacted legislation to make it easier or faster for residents to shield their past marijuana convictions from public SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico is extending opportunities for public comment on... PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Two of the first states to broadly legalize marijuana took different approaches to regulation that left Oregon with a vast oversupply and Colorado with a, Ventura, California. 14 likes · 1 talking about this. Personal BlogGina Golden’s 12 year-old Golden Goddess edibles line has no path to the legal cannabis market. | Photo by Elise McDonough Gina Golden stirs up a batch of her “Island Queen�� cannabis-infused granola from her home kitchen in Oakland. It’s a far cry from the commercial kitchen she used when making her 12 year-old Golden Goddess line of edibles. In 2017, the city of Oakland deemed Golden’s rented commercial kitchen space ineligible for a license to make legal edibles for California’s recreational or medical markets. So Golden stopped renting the space and does not know what’s next. “I took pride in being self-sustaining and not collecting food stamps, not becoming a statistic or dependent on the system,��� Golden said. “Now I feel like I do need that help.” Golden is one of many California artisans who’ve discovered the state’s new legalization regime makes it all but impossible for her products to legally be sold in cannabis dispensaries. Lost in the excitement over the launch of adult-use sales Jan. 1 is the death rattle of thousands of California’s small and medium-sized cannabis-infused food and drink-makers like her. The Golden State sold about $180 million in cannabis edibles in 2016, according to analysts at financial data company Arcview. In 2018, just 28 companies have the most basic state license to put marijuana in a brownie, state data shows. Related: How to get a commercial cannabis edibles license in California While everyone expects the edibles market to grow as consumers try smokeless cannabis products, industry experts like Steve DeAngelo, CEO of Harborside in Oakland, predict an “extinction event” for 75 percent of the existing industry. That’s because most bakers live in a city or county hostile to their businesses. The cooks who can get licensed in a friendly city face steep rents, new taxes and fees that eat up any profits from the enterprise. According to industry consultant Sean Donahoe, California���s cannabis industry is on track to follow Colorado and the rest of maiFranwell’s METRC has been selected for California's track and trace system and cannabis businesses throughout the state are scrambling to understand it.Don't let stress ruin your holidays. Have some cannabis!Goldman Sachs is planning to get into the business of trading digital currencies, Bloomberg reports, citing sources familiar with the matter.Cannabis panel backs pot sales at variety of businessesPot publications noticed that Walmart was selling a “Weed Christmas Tree” - a 7-foot Tannenbaum fashioned from faux marijuana leaves.The new rules pose a big threat to the cannabis movement, which has relied on the internet as a vital tool for education, research, and political organizing.California cannabis company Henry's Originals has hooked up with a Los Angeles' Amy Nicole Floral to create a limited-edition holiday wreath laced with an ounce of marijuana buds.U.S. Atty. Jeff Sessions has hinted he may end the federal government's detente with states that have legalized marijuana.Here's why investors would be better off investing in Canadian marijuana producers, like Canopy Growth Corp. (TSX:WEED), and not cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin.Cannabis could help treat Alzheimer's and dementia. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main active ingredient of the plant,...Many people know about the many conditions and illnesses that can be treated by medical marijuana. But it's not just hum...Some pet owners are dosing their animals with cannabis-based products to treat mental and physical health conditions even though there is no scientific research backing up the manufacturers' claims. • Special report: Pot & PetsMany people were anxious to see how Donald Trump would handle marijuana policy after taking office. While on the campaig...Bitcoin being used as a bridge currency between consumers and weed dispensaries could lead to an ironic response from the federal government. Cannabis companies are turning to the popular digital currency in an effort to get rid of cash.Sensuality circles! High teas! Expensive vape pens! Who says there’s no intellectual life in this fine city?CSC is here to help you navigate the confusing world of cannabis products and devices.Learn how credible cannabis education is wiping out 80+ years of propaganda and misinformation...Green Flower filmed the ENTIRE 3-day event. 100+ cannabis industry leaders ready to blow your mind. [Now streaming...]Here's what you need to know about the cannabis lawsuit against Jeff Sessions.Watch one of the world's top experts on PTSD + Cannabis tell you everything he knows.It turns out a lot of cannabis breeders are doing this all wrong…WATCH: Dan Grace from Dark Heart Nursery shares his tips on how to avoid powdery mildew!WATCH: Legendary cannabis grower Kevin Jodrey shows you the difference between Chemical and Organic Cannabis!Find out why so many people are turning to CBD for anxiety.Workers around the world are asking the same question.Why WOULDN'T you want to start growing cannabis?Are you ready to embark on the most amazing cannabis journey of your life?What's the difference between opioids and opiates, and how can we stop them from ruining our lives?Don't throw them away! Here's what you can do with your cannabis stems...Here's what you need to know about cannabis affected by these terrible fires...Green Flower Media has an exciting cannabis announcement on the way...Is cannabis for diabetes a viable treatment option? Let's see what the science says…Cannabis and pregnancy have a long history together��Discover a whole different side of cannabis medicine!Did you know: Approximately 150,000 Americans are diagnosed with epilepsy every year...How to find relief naturally and get away from opioids.So you want to grow your own cannabis? Read this first...Prevention is key! Don't let your cannabis plants fall victim to powdery mildew...Cannabis edibles can be GREAT – with a little bit of guidance...Did you know: Pain is the #1 reason people turn to cannabis?If you're interested in cannabis, don't miss this interview with 'Cannabis Czar' Lori Ajax!Whites spots on your cannabis plants? Here's how to get rid of powder mildew on cannabis...Could cannabis be the best pain management tool for you?Why Cannabis Prohibition is the biggest con of the past 100 years...Although cannabis has a remarkable safety profile, new consumers will want to brush up on potentially negative side effects.Watch 20+ cannabis physicians, researchers, entrepreneurs, practitioners, authors, and more talk about cannabis and health today.If you're interested in buying cannabis, the dispensary experience can be a bit overwhelming – even for experienced consumers.Discover why people are turning to cannabis to treat addiction with positive outcomes...A healthy root zone is vital for a healthy cannabis grow. Are you doing it right?The cannabis overdose is NOT lethal but perhaps more common than you might realize. Here's what you need to know...Discover the key nuances between smoking vs vaping cannabis...and why you should care about both.CBD has promising medical properties and is only part of the equation.Even long-time consumers are overlooking many of these cannabis benefits...Everything you ever wanted to know about hemp today!Find out why patients and families are turning toward cannabis for autism...Cannabis facts everybody needs to know...Discover why so many people are turning to cannabis topicals for therapeutic advantage.Cannabis can be a great medicine for many ailments. But it shouldn't be your only approach.Chronic stress can lead to a lot of health problems you don't want. Could cannabis really help? And if so, how?The fascinating science behind cannabis and your body weight.Many people still think smoking is the only way...WATCH: physicians, scientists and practitioners weigh in on how to get the most benefits from cannabis and CBD.Here's why CBD could be a game-changer for healthcare...More people are benefiting from cannabis in their golden years.Cannabis tolerance is a constant factor for consumers and can change how your body reacts to the plant.Here's how cannabis can help anxiety or make it worse...Discover the crucial details about CBD and how it works!Many people cannot afford legal cannabis prices right now. That's going to change...This is important health information that involves every one of us.Cannabis consultants ��� waste of money or a vital lifeline for your business?The facts on cannabis and liver disease that everyone needs to know.Does cannabis help anxiety, or does it make it worse?Alarming trend: new medical cannabis programs are becoming much more strict. Does this help patients or hurt them?Registration is free and takes about 2 seconds.Migraines can cripple a person's life in more ways than one. Here's why so many are turning to cannabis...Uruguay is the first country to build a framework for adult-use cannabis legalization. Here are the details…Beta blockers, blood thinners, sedatives, opioids and more… Here's what you need to know.Want to have the best cannabis regulations in your area? Read this...Maybe you know about CBD, but what about CBDa???Who will you talk to about cannabis today?Could cannabis help with the opioid crisis?The benefits are greater than most people realize.These two compounds really do need each other!Science must inform our policymaking – not lobbyists.A splash of CBD in your coffee could add more value than you might realize.Quality and assurance with cannabis? Here's the latest...Be the change you want to see. Become a better informed, engaged and empowered cannabis advocate. Let the Unity Conference show you how.The current findings on CBD for sleep show mixed results.Let's stop killing chronic pain patients.There's a reason why your cannabis may be making you feel tired.And addressing a potential Trump crackdown....Here's your front row seat to the Emerald Conference -- featuring top cannabis researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs with the latest in cannabis science and innovation.Here's what happening on the front lines of hemp cultivation in the U.S.Getting cannabis policy just right is a bigger challenge than most people realize.Would they appreciate cannabis reform versus arresting people over a plant?Biofilm is how microbes such as E.Coli and Salmonella affect plants. And using antimicrobial agents only makes it worse! Here's what you need to know...This non-psychoactive cannabinoid is changing lives...Including eye pressure, glaucoma, redeye, and night vision!Animals have endocannabinoid systems too, but current cannabis laws do not allow veterinarians to give pet owners the guidance they need.Let's not forget about these important issues....Combining cannabis and chemo? More health experts are saying YES.Cannabis in your golden years? Science says YES.FACT: Drug overdose is now the leading cause of death in Americans under 50 years old.Traditional plastics pose an ever growing threat to public health and our environment. Here's how hemp plastic could change all that...How to keep your endocannabinoid system in top shape so you can stay healthy!While there are no known cases of cannabis-induced lung cancer, the smoke can still be a harsh irritant. Here's how you can mitigate the side effects…You know what they say about history: those who forget are doomed to repeat.What you need to know about moldy cannabis and staying safe.Saluting just a few of those who help spread cannabis education far and wide every day.When we allow medical cannabis programs to prohibit raw flower, it robs us of this plant's true potential.Learn how cannabis eases the chronic pain and inflammation associated with this troublesome condition.Bring this to your doctor and see what he or she says...The secret to cannabis's wide spectrum of medical applications revolves around perhaps the most important system in your body.Did you know cannabis is a great superfood? Here's how to take advantage...Poor quality cannabis products can be bad for your health! Here's what to watch out for...Discover the arbitrary reason why hemp farmers have to destroy their crops.If you're interested in cannabis, watch this...Most people are wasting 50-75% of their cannabis when they light up.What should consumers look for in CBD products? What should they avoid? Experts weigh in at CHS 2017...The U.S. government has more than 25,000+ cannabis studies on file. Can we say the same for other, legal substances? Watch NORML's Paul Armentano...Athletes Eugene Monroe, Eben Britton, and Bas Rutten shared how cannabis has changed their lives during the Cannabis Health Summit. NYT best-selling author Gay Hendricks asks some very important questions about cannabis during CHS 2017...Not all CBD products are created equal. Here's what you need to know...What would happen if more people started consuming cannabis? Watch Steve DeAngelo deliver a powerful message from CHS 2017...Not all cannabis topicals are created equal. Watch experts tell you what to look for and what to avoid.Here's what you need to know for good cannabis etiquette when sharing with friendsStaying at a bud and breakfast has more advantages than you might realize!The Cannabis Health Summit is streaming live on May 6-7 for free! Whom are you going to watch it with?Essential tips for your next trip to the dispensary!Important facts about your body's endocannabinoid system and how you can take care of it.Did you know U.S. researchers are stuck with terrible government-grown cannabis? Let's talk about that.Medical cannabis reform continues to spread across the country, however are we counting all the medical states?Learn how cannabis is driving a paradigm change against industrialized medicine and healthcare.CBD continues to gain in popularity, however there are still several important misconceptions you need to know.The very real cannabis benefits most people aren't talking about...Stress can interfere with your health in many ways. Here's how to get the most relief with cannabis and what to avoid.Here's how to make the most out of cannabis tourism.Could cannabis potentially stop the progression of the HIV/AIDS virus? Here's what we know.These companies don't even touch the plant.Here's what you need to know about the impact this will have on cannabis prohibition across the world.Now Streaming: 45+ physicians, practitioners, health experts, and researchers from around the world will blow your mind.Patients everywhere are finding a better quality of life with medical cannabis.This will blow your mind (in a good way).He pretty much nails it in this one segment.Science continues to show us that cannabis should have never been prohibited in the first place.Medical cannabis programs are more important than ever – yet being rolled back after adult-used laws are passed. Here's what you need to know…Chris Kilham is a prolific medicine hunter, author and educator, who has traveled to over 45 countries for medicinal plant research.What patients, physicians, nurses and caregivers need to know. And what to avoid.Here's what we know about Canada's bid to legalize cannabis for adult use.From skin care to insomnia, headaches to PMS ... And you don't even have to get high (unless you want to)!If you haven't fully explored cannabis concentrates, you might be surprised to learn the benefits.Cannabis enthusiasts are turning to sungrown cannabis whenever possible. Here's why.With new cannabis laws in several states, many people are growing their own for the very first time!This is a huge oversight in adult-use cannabis laws -- nowhere to consume! Here's why we need to change that...A new study is underway as more people are realizing that cannabis is literally the only medication that can treat the symptom clusters of PTSD.Cerebral palsy affects more than 17 million people worldwide. Here's how cannabis can help.The small-batch cannabis grower has a HUGE advantage in today's legal market, but only if...Physicians, scientists, researchers, authors, and entrepreneurs -- get instant access to 20+ cannabis experts!Cannabis prohibition is a proven social justice issue steeped in racism. The new industry is our chance to rectify the harmful wrongs of the past.This will help clear the confusion, inconsistency and controversy around cannabis lab testing.This myth is still more prevalent than you might realize. Here are your key talking points to tear it down.Politicians are joining forces across the aisle to dismantle cannabis prohibition.Getting your brand out there is a real challenge and people make a ton of mistakes when talking to the press...Will Trump end federal prohibition of hemp?Do you support legal cannabis? Here's what's happening on the front lines.Most elderly consumers say yes. And so does the science.The world of cannabis science is a bold, exciting place. Are you ready for innovation and progress?If you love cannabis reform, you'll be proud of what's happening Texas. You might even get some ideas for your own state!Did you know cannabis topicals can help with painful conditions like arthritis, sports injuries, and more? You might be missing out...This caucus is the first of its kind and our opportunity to crush prohibition.Exploring that potent powder at the bottom of your cannabis grinder.Watch expert Martin Lee from Project CBD weigh the pros and cons.Why wait for federal cannabis reform? More states are looking at the evidence and taking matters into their own hands.Now you can try cannabis + yoga for yourself in a new online series!Here's what you need to know about contaminated cannabis.New data shows Colorado is passing the test of cannabis legalization with flying colors.This is not your average dictionary. In fact, it��s an interactive terpene sensory kit, and the giveaway ends on Feb. 17! Details inside...2017 is another crucial year for cannabis legalization. Here's what you need to know.How physicians and patients are turning to cannabis as a safer alternative for pain management.The big event is now streaming on Green Flower INSIDER!Another example of how cannabis legalization benefits society. Why isn't every state doing this?Important insights on HOW cannabis can be used to help treat cancer.Cannabis is a hot conversation topic, and you must be ready with credible information at all times.How cannabis could solve some of our biggest challenges with sex and intimacy.More people than ever support cannabis, yet the harmful stigma rages on.Cannabis is proving to be THE drug autism patients and families have been waiting for.The world of cannabis terpenes continues to surprise patients and experts alike!If you believe in the healing power of cannabis, why not spread the word? Cannabis reform could depend on it.No matter where you live, this article about cannabis prisoners in the U.S. is an eye-opener.… plus the harmful secrets that Big Pharma doesn't want you to know about.America's hemp industry has been quietly flourishing, and the numbers for 2017 are impressive.Police help enforce cannabis prohibition, but do they really want to?If you want to make an impact in the cannabis industry (and not get sued), you've got to protect your intellectual property every step of the way.Cannabis literally saved Tracy Ryan's daughter and now she's helping other families do the same.States once considered 'off-limits' for cannabis reform are taking a closer look at the benefits of this herbal plant.Don't miss out on the health benefits of cannabis tea!How to get the most out of your money next time you visit the dispensary.Check out what this Israel-based company is doing with cannabis terpenes!The 10-day Cannabis Health Challenge starts on January 14, and we have got some big names joining the fun including Eugene Monroe, Steve DeAngelo, Jessica Peters, Aaron Justis, and Jim McAlpine. Are you in?Essential oils are oftentimes overlooked when people don't know how to use them.More than a few states could turn green this year via legislative action. Here's the top of the list!Cannabis education will never be the same.Cannabis legalization is not the finish line. It's just the beginning.The cognitive effects of cannabis are more wide-ranging and nuanced than most people realize. Creativity, empathy, hyperfocus, and much more! 2016 was a game-changing year for cannabis. Here's what to look for in 2017.Bryan Krumm, CNP, shares with you why and how cannabis is the best way to manage PTSD symptoms after working with more than 1,000 patients in New Mexico.How to use cannabis for heightened awareness of self and others.Here are a few talking points for your next conversation on cannabis legalization.Here's what you need to know about the DEA's new code against This week Mandee from Try This has a special announcement for you. Check out the video for all the important details.Congress faces pivotal cannabis decisions in 2017. Here's what you need to know.How to NOT waste your cannabis when vaping or smoking.How millions of veterans are pushing Trump's transition team to reclassify cannabis as Schedule III.Leading veterinarians weigh in on how to treat pets with cannabis safely and effectively.Pesticides, mold, dirt, insect eggs, yuck! ... Here's how to avoid contaminants in your cannabis.Cannabis consumers 50 and over increased by 71% between 2006 and 2013!Parkinson's disease can completely disrupt a person's quality of life. Here's how cannabis could save the day.Cannabis legalization isn't just for consumers, it benefits all of us in several ways -- even those who never touch the substance.Cannabis tinctures are often underrated and yet have a ton of benefits. Here's what you need to know.Cannabis is an expensive herb and a precious medicine. Here's how to store it for maximum shelf-life.Hemp fabric and clothing are better for human health in two very significant ways.Cannabis prohibition continues to ruin lives every day. Luckily, all of us can help do something about that.We knew hemp was awesome, but these environmental benefits truly floored us.The tide is turning fast for cannabis reform. Here are the states to keep an eye on next.Cannabis legalization now includes roughly 21% of the U.S population. So how does each state's legal model stack up?A curious look at the science behind cannabis and asthma, and how you can benefit.It's been quite a year for cannabis! Here's a cool snapshot of what 2016 brought us.Lotions, oils, salves, balms, and sprays oh my! Cannabis topicals can be a great entry point for many people. Here’s what to look for in a quality topical.As more people turn to this plant, the need for solid cannabis education is greater than ever. Here's why...Here's what to expect from the four states that legalized adult-use cannabis in 2016.In Brave New Weed, author Joe Dolce travels the globe to discover the past, present and future of cannabis.Cannabis had a major victory last week. Here's a look at the facts, figures, and where we're headed.The cancer diagnosis changed my life forever. And so did the cannabis. Here's what happened...Every cannabis intake methods has its advantages and disadvantages. Here��s what you need to know with edibles.SNEAK PEEK: A world of credible cannabis knowledge at your fingertips.Your home for real-time results and updates on all 2016 cannabis initiatives.Cannabis legalization could reach a tipping point this November, and a lot of people are still confused or undecided on which way to vote.Choosing a cannabis delivery method can be confusing with so many options. This video will help guide you!Science shows us why cannabis can help control and even curb the dangerous diabetes epidemic.Fibromyalgia is a painful condition for millions of people who have very little treatment options. Cannabis can help.Cannabis tinctures are catching on fast because people love the results!Studies show cannabis – with its neuroprotective and neuro-generative properties – can be a real solution for pain management.Read this and you���ll wonder why we aren’t all consuming hemp protein!The musings of Tom Huth, former Washington Post reporter and the author of the recently published memoir Forty Years Stoned: A Journalist’s Romance.Looking for a cannabis vaporizer? Make sure you get the vaporizer for your money.These are truly historic times, and NORML is at the forefront of history being made.Does consuming cannabis affect a person's frequency and intensity of their dreams?Spreading cannabis truth around the globe!And, what you can do to battle Big Pharma's attempted takeover. Breast cancer claims too many lives every day. Here’s what the science says about how cannabis can play a major role in reversing the trend.Spinal cord injuries can be a devastating and even fatal condition for people all over the world. Here’s how the neuroprotective properties of cannabis can help.Here's how you can get the most benefit out of cannabis oil.Cannabis topicals are quickly gaining popularity, and for good reason – the best products work!We'll find the worlds top experts and bring them to you, so you can learn right from home!The need for VA doctors to be able to discuss medical cannabis with patients is still present, and it's not going to go away because members of Congress wish it would.Here's what you need to know ahead of time.Is there any merit to the claim that consuming cannabis makes you stupid?Cannabis smoke impacts our bodies differently than tobacco smoke.Cannabis transdermal patches are one of the newest delivery methods. Do they live up to the hype? Watch and decide for yourself!Cannabis concentrates are very popular these days, but are they safe?Hemp is a versatile plant! Not only can it be used to replace fossil fuel, it can also be used to help clean up the mess that goes along with fossil fuel related disasters.The range of cannabis edibles can be overwhelming. How do you make the right choice for your needs? We’ve got you covered!Regular cannabis use has been associated with a lower body mass index (BMI)Should you consume hemp seeds, juiced cannabis, or both?Want to keep your cannabis smoke on the down low? These 6 tips will give you some new ideas!Cannabis is not only safer than alcohol for the individual's health, but cannabis consumption is also safer than alcohol for society as a whole.Scientists are just beginning to understand the role of the endocannabinoid system in reproduction, as well as pre-natal and post-natal development.This is not a hypothesis or theory. People are already turning to cannabis to overcome addiction and it's working.If you're preparing a trip to the dispensary, these how-to tips are a must!Cannabis infused caramel sauce is easier to make than you think!We want and need to be able to talk about cannabis, to have honest, open conversations about it with the people we care about most.We now have - at our fingertips - the ability to spread truth and awareness about cannabis - and maybe even change lives! The 2016 election is the biggest in the history of cannabis, with a record five states voting on recreational cannabis in November. It��s time to get hip to the truth about industrial hemp.Organizing a local cannabis event is a great way to bring people together and to spread knowledge about the cannabis plantThe world of cannabis juicing is turning a lot of heads, but where to start?When growing organic cannabis, so much of the 'recipe' revolves around the soil.Head trauma could happen to anyone of us. If having THC in your system makes this much of an impact on healing the trauma �� who wouldn’t want to know about this?According to Recent Estimates California's Cannabis Industry Could Reach 6.5 Billion by 2020A sweep on Election Day would be huge because of where these states are located!Current cannabis activists owe respect to the generations of activists who came before them.Here’s how to pick the best strain for you – going beyond indica versus sativa.Now it's just a matter of time until hemp products across America can carry the distinction of being 'Made in America'How to cut the perfect clone + how to choose between clones vs seeds! Here’s how I used cannabis to treat my arthritis, and why you should too.When mainstream medicine has failed to cure their children, many parents are turning to medical marijuanaBeing a cannabis entrepreneur may be the most exciting business pursuit on the planet right nowThe health benefits of THC are much more significant than most people realize. Life-saving even.Traditional donations are down: the cannabis industry needs to fill the voidA drug task force in Kentucky is claiming that hemp is making it harder to enforce cannabis prohibitionAnxiety effects at least 40 million adults in the U.S. Here’s how you can use all-natural cannabis to help.When planning your indoor garden, the first question you will need to answer is, Cannabis research has shown that cannabis can be a promising preventative and treatment option to combat Alzheimer's.Learn how to make potent cannabutter, which you can easily dilute to preference later.Let's clear the confusion on the difference between indica and sativa.True or false - mangoes increase the effects from consuming cannabis?It’s a pattern a lot of cannabis consumers fall into without even realizing it.Malia Obama was recently caught on camera consuming cannabisThe DEA has decided that cannabis should stay classified as a Schedule I controlled substanceMaryland patients have waited a long time for safe accessThe 'Yes on 64' campaign recently filed a lawsuit demanding that false and misleading ballot arguments be edited or removed from election materialsDespite there being 8 licensed dispensaries in Maine, a lot of patients decide to go the caretaker routePeople who were alive in the 1980's will likely remember the 'this is your brain on drugs' commercial involving a frying egg in a panPhilippines President Rodrigo Duterte is leading a human rights crisis against people suspected of using cannabis and other banned substancesMedical cannabis business licenses haven't even been issued yet in Ohio, but that hasn't stopped some areas from proactively banning themSome medical cannabis patients in Illinois are getting safe access, but more reform is neededMilitary veterans deserve to use medicine that works.Bruce Shulte was voted off the Alaska Marijuana Control Board for reasons that are still unknownIs it just us or is hemp one of the most amazing, under-used resources ever?The campaign to legalize medical cannabis in South Dakota has filed a lawsuit demanding to be on the 2016 ballotAn Oregon teenager facing federal prison time for one gram of cannabis will no longer face charges.Eugene Monroe is on a public mission to convince the NFL to change its cannabis policyThe DEA is confiscating less cannabis plants these daysAre you doing your part to help with cannabis legalization? Let's make it easy!The 420 Games in Seattle Was a Huge SuccessThe cannabis industry is a very exciting thing, and growing constantly.Should cannabis be a Schedule II substance, or should it be descheduled entirely?Will Chris Christie sign off on medical cannabis for PTSD?For the first time ever, republicans support ending cannabis prohibition.If cannabis has helped you with your condition, we would like to hear from youMinnesota's limited medical cannabis program is expandingA new directive handed down by the Nevada Attorney General will prevent safe access for many Californians.An FDA/DEA approved study will look at how cannabis helps those suffering from PTSDShould cannabis consumers boycott Publix stores?Consumption rates are much higher in some parts of America compared to others.For the first time ever cannabis plants will be on display at the Oregon State Fair.Turn your dream job in cannabis into an actual opportunity.A Rasmussen poll shows cannabis legalization ahead in Nevada.A United States territory, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, could soon vote on cannabis legalization.Do you want to enhance your workouts with cannabis? These 4 power tips will get you started!There are so many different ways to consume cannabis these days, from the classic joint to trans-dermal patches.Senior citizens are the fastest growing demographic for cannabis sales, and that is a good thing for many reasons.Hemp, because of its ability to absorb heavy metals and other substances, can be used very effectively to clean up contaminated areas.A town in Colorado was told that THC was in the local water, and that it was unsafe. The entire thing proved to be untrue.The fact of the matter is, you can be a productive person and consume cannabis because cannabis is a wonderful medicine.Organic cannabis cultivation is becoming more and more popular every day.When will safe access to medical cannabis come to all that are suffering?Apply now to be a part of our upcoming events and campaigns.Revealing statistics are coming in, but will the results lead to change?Activists are the secret sauce of the cannabis industry!A mighty push for cannabis in the Lone Star State!Will Montana restore its original cannabis program?Drawing the line between packaging requirements and packaging overkill.Coming clean with your doctor is more important than you might realize.Learning how to make your own cannabis tincture is easier than you might think.After becoming the first active player to advocate for medical cannabis, Eugene Monroe is thinking about his health more than ever.Not all medical cannabis dispensaries are created equal. Why are so many athletes turning to cannabis and how can it help you with your workout? Big cannabis industry numbers increase acceptance, but at what cost?Which candidate for President of the United States is best on cannabis policy?Are cannabis roots really buried treasure? Or shall we say ��� buried medicine?Bans on cannabis clubs are more problematic than you might realize.An initiative in Arkansas has given the state's residents a ray of hopeResearch shows that cannabis could play a huge benefit here, but will policymakers listen?Trick question or scientific fact? A new 'study' says it all!Why not make our golden years more ... golden? Cannabis is a proven treatment to many of the challenges we face in old age.Eating hemp seed benefits your body in all sorts of ways.Cannabis is a more dynamic tool than you might have realized.Go beyond THC and CBD with this cannabinoids list!This cannabis grinding and measuring tool comes with lots of extra features. Check out our review and sign up to win one for yourself! Contest is one week only!The body’s endocannabinoid system is considered the greatest of all neuroscience discoveries combined – yet relatively few people know about it.Learn why cannabis is the 100% all-natural sleep aid.Should you lay off the cannabis or not when trying to make a baby? A health expert gives us a new perspective on cannabis and male fertility.The AnnaBis Purse Collection has 5 styles all made of Italian leather with odor control technology. Check out our review and enter to win their top purse FREE!Steve DeAngelo has been blazing trails in cannabis for 40+ years. Wait until you hear his vision on how to move the industry forward...Cannabis growers and consumers are calling for a ban on pesticides. Will it work?The Magical Butter Machine is a game-changer for making your own infused products. Check it out in the new episode of Try This and enter our contest to WIN oneMost cannabis consumers are still afraid to talk about the life-enhancing benefits of this plant. These talks are essential if we want to end the stigma.Here's a quick guide on how to approach cannabis in a way that truly supports your life.What does Sustainable Cannabis Farming, a World Class French Chocolatier and Pop Rocks Candy have in common? It's all in the latest episode of Try This.Cooking with cannabis is MUCH easier than you might think. And the benefits? You be the judge...have a read and let us know what you think.Randy Robertson was at death’s door. Doctors had no idea how to save him from cancer. And then he started dosing himself with cannabis oil and concentrates...The Herbalizer is a high-end desktop vaporizer we loved so much, we got you a Green Flower Exclusive. Check it out.Growing cannabis for yourself could be more advantageous than you realize! Can you guess reason #9?In this special episode of Try This, Mandee Lee shares some personal thoughts with you about the show, and also asks you for a little help.Prohibitionists say we need more research before we can legalize cannabis, yet many scientists have been studying this plant’s medical properties for decades.Kids ask great questions, and we owe them great answers.Watch the video to see what happens when you smoke cannabis with kool aid, red wine, mint extract, hot coffee and Guinness beer.What is dabbing? Is there therapeutic potential? Must it always involve a blowtorch? Glad you asked.Just like we talk about the tremendous value of the “whole” plant, it only makes sense that having women involved in this industry makes us whole as well.Imagine being able to test your cannabis for terpene and cannabinoid profiles. That is what the MyDx Analyzer is supposed to do, but...The advantages of cannabis tourism are far greater than you might think! 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Plus a sneak peek at what I keep in my own bag!Check out these backstage interviews from 2016��s virtual Cannabis Health Summit.Cannabis is proving to be an effective treatment for all sorts of ailments, but it can also be used as a preventive medicine. Learn how to tap into cannabis forVapeXhale's desktop vaporizer is a fun, innovative product. Watch me give it an official test-run and then the Green Flower Product Rating & Review!In this week’s episode of TRY THIS, Mandee puts Auntie Dolores Cannabis Edibles to the test!The top experts in cannabis held nothing back during the first virtual Cannabis Health Summit.Does cannabis make you smarter? It depends on how you use it...A lot of people have very strong emotions toward cannabis legalization. Here are 5 points that can truly unite us in our efforts.Watch this vape pen review until the end if you want to see the Green Flower Product Rating!“Try This” is a new webshow sharing 100% honest reviews of cannabis products – the good, the bad, and the ugly!Cannabidiol (CBD) is proving to be a game-changer in modern medicine, but first we have to learn everything we can about this complex cannabinoid.Some truly amazing cannabis reads in this list.Science has come across some incredible findings on cannabis and bone health.Pesticides, molds, fungus, bacteria, potency labels -- cannabis lab testing is kind of a big deal, but only a few labs are getting it right.The amazing benefits of cannabis continue to blow minds and change lives all over the world.Take your holiday celebrations to the next level with these awesome cannabis recipes from around the web!A lot of people still believe the 'gateway drug' myth. So why not teach them the life-enhancing benefits of marijuana? Let's look at this plant's TRUE gateways.Think TED talks with cannabis experts. Register free.Of all the side effects of marijuana, what's the deal with dry mouth? The science behind it may surprise you.Here is an amazing snapshot of just how far marijuana legalization has come in the past year. Inspiring, encouraging, and exciting!Want to play your part in marijuana legalization? This article will show you how.Here’s why researchers are placing more emphasis on cannabis terpenes.Anxiety and paranoia can be unpleasant side effects of marijuana. Here are a few tips for a more beneficial experience.Medical or recreational marijuana can be GREAT. But is pot muffling your life instead of enhancing it? Check out these nine questions and decide for yourself!OTC drugs can lead to unwanted side effects. But you can treat those everyday aches and pains without ANY side effects by using medical marijuana products.Hey, cannabis growers: Here���s how to keep your indoor growing efforts safe AND pest-free.What's up with medical cannabis and micro-dosing? Could it be for you? Only one way to find out.Clinical endocannabinoid deficiency could explain illnesses for which we’ve yet to find a cure.For anybody on the fence about whether or not to try medical marijuana, here are some interesting points to consider.Revenue from the cannabis sin tax can be great, but it actually hurts marijuana legalization.Marijuana edibles can be confusing when we hear about bad experiences or crazy horror stories. Here's a how-to guide to get you thinking in the right direction.Talking about your cannabis use openly and honestly can be difficult at times, but it's the only way to shift the lingering social stigma.The obesity epidemic is something that concerns us all. Now science is suggesting that cannabis could be the way forward.Worried about teens experimenting with cannabis? Read this.Pay attention: The next administration could make or break the push for legalization.Prohibitionists shot themselves in the foot when they suspended UFC fighter Nick Diaz for 5 years for using medical marijuana.These are just a few of the people leading the way to make cannabis reform a reality. Want to add to the list?If you’re looking to enter the marijuana industry, there are plenty of holes to fill and more than enough room on the ground floor.The medical cannabis industry can be intimidating for new patients. This guide will help you get a foothold in finding the medicine best for you.If marijuana legalization is important to you, here are five steps to help make it happen.Here’s what athletes can teach us about medical cannabis and stoner stigmas.A look at these seven serious public health issues will put marijuana legalization into perspective.Learn why cannabis is among the top natural remedies for anxiety and stress.This new video will give you all the basics on dabs, hash, shatter and wax.420 dating is definitely a thing in the cannabis world. But enjoying the many effects of marijuana isn’t the only thing these couples have in common.People have been using cannabis and sex together for thousands of years. Not it's your turn.Medical cannabis could provide a lot of the answers we've been looking for in our healthcare system.After eight years of failed advanced pain management, Anthony finally turned to medical cannabis. Now he's pain free.One of the amazing effects of cannabis is how it amplifies our sense of smell and taste. Food will never be the same.Sharing medical cannabis success stories or experiences with your doctor is a big part of cannabis education. And staying healthy.Don’t let employment drug testing get in the way of innovation and happiness.You could call it cannabis yoga, ganja yoga – just one of many ways to unwind #oncannabis.Cannabis education includes learning the value of responsible use. These 10 points will help you and others stay sharp.The first gorgeous video in our brand new media campaign: #ONCANNABIS.Can the effects of marijuana spice up your sex life?Coming out as a cannabis user can be scary, yet it's the best way to catalyze marijuana legalization.BuzzFeed knows how to entertain, but they're hurting the case for marijuana legalization with their stoner videos.Relationships are complicated, especially when your partner looks down on your cannabis consumption.With responsible use in mind, a puff here and there can work wonders.This video contradicts any logic behind THC blood limits for drivers.What have we gained in the name of freedom and equality? And what’s missing?This man chose to serve our country, but it's not serving him and he's PTSD very well. He's doing that by himself with medical cannabis.Millions of people are suddenly waking up to the fact they’ve been lied to for decades about the dangers of cannabis.Don’t be fooled: cannabis is not just a mind-altering party substance. Any such stereotype doesn��t even scratch the surface of the life-enhancing qualitiesThis excellent new, five-minute video on The 420 Games destigmatizes decades of misperception on cannabis… plus it��s fun to watch.For most entrepreneurs, life can be intense. Each day is filled with challenges to navigate, problems to solve, and decisions to make.One of the main reasons why people around the world enjoy cannabis is because it helps you "lighten up" and see things from a new perspective.It’s scary to come out of the cannabis closet. Read Jackie��s letter to see how she did it.Can cannabis be a medicine? That���s indisputable when you listen to Darina’s story.When you think of a cannabis user, who comes to mind? Probably not Anne.